Biz Kimiz

It was established in Istanbul in November 2000 with the initiative of our founder Ferit Demir.

Big Ideas. Smart Solutions. The Perfect Customer Experience.

After the day it was founded, it started a rapid growth process by transferring the experience of the family in the field of automotive and construction to this direction.

In 2008, it succeeded in accelerating its growth process by blending its production in this direction, based on market conditions and innovations in the domestic and foreign markets to the extent that the country’s conditions allow. Right after this breakthrough, it also made a big breakthrough in the tri-yarn branch, which is the most popular fabric in the market, and established Vefa Triiple by realizing a high-production three-yarn project in 2019. thus, it continues its activities with three companies established throughout the country.

Our Vision

Our goal is to keep alive the team spirit that contributes to Turkey’s industrialization and production, giving importance to high business ethics, R&D studies and adoption of technological innovations; To make it a permanent brand that can keep its customers one step ahead with its vision and competitive price policy, which makes production based on the latest technology and is environmentally friendly, and can offer all of its own fabrics at this level to the end consumer.

To the leading brands both in Turkey and around the world, with more than 4,000 colleagues and working from home model in 12 different locations in Turkey; It offers services in 12 different languages, including German, Dutch, Turkish, English, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Hebrew, French, Russian and Bulgarian.

Our Mission

To achieve this goal, to follow closely the plans and programs for fidelity, country’s industrialization and production, and the rapidly changing world conjuncture; to look after the interests of the employees, to be open, reliable and accountable, to strictly comply with the laws, rules and business ethics; to organize shared and controversial meetings, collective meals and excursions for problems and solutions in order to create a corporate culture, team spirit and an enthusiastic working environment; has adopted as the main course of action to closely monitor the technological developments and innovations in the world, to constantly exchange information with our suppliers and customers, both by increasing R&D activities, being in constant contact with technology companies and participating in important textile fairs.

Our Policy

As Vefa, we are in the process of taking steps to facilitate our raw material access in order not to interrupt our strong production capacity and to provide product support to our customers with an affordable price policy.

In the light of our family meetings, which determine our company policies, we combine our investment projects based on employment and production with our growth-oriented policies to the extent that the country’s conjuncture allows.

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